Check the system drive for errors in Windows 10

In such cases, you may want to format the disk and install new software. If the problem download from here persists, you can try formatting the disk and reconnecting it. If the external hard drive is infected, you may experience redirection while browsing the web. Viruses can also cause serious damage to files. Virus protection measures include using a firewall and installing ad blockers. You should also avoid clicking on links that seem fishy.

For example, it may try to open a system file, when it’s meant to open PNG or JPG files. As it’s a part of Windows, your computer may confuse it and use it to open something it can’t. If you accidentally delete a system file or a Windows OS file, it can cause a file system error. The vast majority of system files are necessities, meaning that deleting one might mess up your entire computer. In other scenarios, a program might have accessed your system files and messed them up, or the wrong app tried to open the wrong type of file. For one person, a Windows file system error might have been caused by their computer shutting down during an update installation.

Part 1: Backup / Recover data after restart to Repair Drive Errors

Several users report, While turn on the laptop Windows 10 logo pops up then goes black. This issue mostly occurs either if Windows startup files are missing or corrupt. Again sometimes bad sector on a disk drive also cause this problem.

An HDD has moving components inside and this makes it a “fragile” device. However, these devices usually offer a large storage capacity at a low cost, with the main disadvantage of having slower read times than those of an SSD. On the other hand, SSDs can be considered very safe devices since they do not have any moving parts inside, but their main disadvantage is the life time.

  • Seagate SeaTools – Fantastic and free program that is used to test Seagate and all other computer hard drives.
  • Do an online search with respect to your motherboard’s manufacturer.
  • Sometimes Windows will automatically run a scan during startup, but most often you’ll have to do it yourself.

Don’t panic – this is one of the most common issues Windows 10 users encounter. If your internal hard drive is not showing up, it might be becauseit is not initialized or it needs formatting. Make sure your disk is properly connected to the motherboard with the SATA cable. Your HDD might also not be visible in Windows 10 due to some BIOS settings.

Run Check Disk

Note that we selected the option to write an event to the system log. The system log is found in the Event Viewer. When a BSOD occurs, you should be able to view the event to help troubleshoot the cause. By using your knowledge of the Event Viewer, some basic troubleshooting skills, and dumpexam.exe , you should be able to recover from and fix any issues that cause stop errors. This error indicates that a failure occurred when deleting the descriptor to represent a client ID.

Where Can I Find Windows 10 Error Logs?

Even if your PC doesn’t have a single issue that you notice, the program records warning signs of problems that might occur in the future. You don’t necessarily have to always go back to comb through the logs in search of these signs. However, the application becomes important when your system experiences a fatal error such as a blue screen. After installing a Kaspersky application, your operating system might fall into blue screen of death . It may be caused by the conflict between a Kaspersky application and other applications or drivers installed on your computer.

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