Error 0xc000021a or 0xc0000001, Your PC couldn’t start correctly

If you don’t want to use CMD or the CMD commands failed, you can try a free tool to make a repair USB to fix BCD and rebuild MBR. The error code 0xc , as described above, can be caused by corrupted SAM files. To resolve this issue, just copy the SAM file from the repair folder. The above solutions should help you a lot in resolving this error and getting your PC up and running again. If for some reason the issue has not been fixed, your last option is to reset your PC. The Reset feature in Windows 10/11 allows users to choose whether to keep or delete their data before reinstalling Windows.

Sometimes, the selected disk has bad sectors, corrupted software, or lost clusters. It can also occur when your hard drive has experienced an unexpected shutdown. If you’re having any of these problems, you should take the time to check it out as soon as possible. After that, you should restart the PC and run a disk repair. Although system drives do not usually fail for mechanical reasons, they can still develop errors.

Fix 1. Repair Disk in Windows 10/8/7 with CHSDSK Command

A malfunction reported by error code “0xc ” may happen due to a number of different factors. Common causes include incorrectly configured system settings or irregular entries in the system elements, to name a few. Such issues may be resolved with special software that repairs system elements and tunes system settings to restore stability. Resetting the system by removing faulty files is a good option to fix the issue. Here, users are required to boot into the Windows 10 system by booting with the USB Installation Media first and then follow these steps. It could be triggered due to damaged RAM, corrupted system files, or faulty software.

  • BSoD usually occurs when some IRP field was inconsistent with the state of the IRP.
  • It will go through the whole pairing process, but nothing happens when I try to connect my phone now.
  • Come back to the black window after a time and check if the process finished.

Bad sectors can be found by analyzing the S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) data . There are various causes behind corruption that we’ll look at in this article. We’ll also cover how to fix a corrupt hard drive so you can hopefully restore it to working order, as well as retrieve your data. The hard drive has an error and needs to be repaired. This command scans drive C and reports errors only (equivalent to chkdsk /scan). Keep reading to find out what “/f” means and how to make CHKDSK repair corrupted files.

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The troubleshooter may report that the device does not have Bluetooth in some cases. This is especially true if Bluetooth is disabled within the computer’s BIOS, or if you are using an external Bluetooth adapter. In these situations, make sure download here that Bluetooth is enabled — if it is integrated into the computer’s system board — and that any required device drivers are installed. Before you start troubleshooting, it’s important to first get a lay of the land.

Method 5: Reinstall Windows 10 from scratch

Disabling the Windows Search service also helps fix Windows 10 hard drive errors, 100% full disk errors on Windows 10. In fact, Windows Search runs in the background and becomes invisible to the cause of Windows 10 hard drive errors, 100% full disk error on Windows 10. It goes into diagnostics and then repairing disk errors, this might take iver an hour to complete. “Does repairing disk errors work” Many of you may be wondering about that. This is another method to repair disk errors.

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