How to Send Crypto: A Checklist for First-Timers

We support 100+ wallets including Coinbase, Trust Wallet, Exodus, Kraken, Binance and virtually any other wallet your recipients may want to use. Cryptocurrency payouts are used by businesses in all industries, from forward-thinking enterprises attracting top talent with crypto payroll, to gig economy startups paying out contractors. Sending cryptocurrency mass payments can be used to make operations more efficient or as an enticing perk offered to employees. Blockchain technology enables fast, secure and efficient remittance across borders. Sending Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is faster and cheaper than traditional payment rails and doesn’t require any bank or institution. A crypto payout, also known as crypto remittance and crypto disbursement, is a payment made from one party to another using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

how to send crypto

We developed BitPay Send to pay our own employees in crypto. Since its development, hundreds of BitPay employees enjoy receiving partial pay, bonuses and matching benefits all in their preferred cryptocurrency. Save up to 10% on fees at GMX with referral code CCFacts. Transfer crypto instantly by converting crypto into a redeemable gift card code and sharing it in any way you want. The whole process takes less than a minute, but it may take an hour or longer for funds to arrive in the recipient’s wallet.

Can You Send Money Using Bitcoin?

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Think of network fees as a kind of “tax” charged for crypto transactions. These taxes help fund the blockchain and its security to facilitate its smooth functioning. Addresses and private keys allow users to maintain their privacy significantly. Blockchain transactions are public and available for all to see. However, users themselves don’t need to reveal their identities to participate in crypto trading. As discussed, you wouldn’t try to mail a letter to someone without writing an address on the envelope — the mail carrier wouldn’t know where to take it.

How do I transfer my Crypto?

Your best option is to select an account provider that can convert crypto to fiat and is part of the SWIFT/SEPA system so that you save a lot of money and effort on the moving-around process. In the rare case when your bank can receive crypto transfers, you should use them to avoid conversion losses. It is not impossible that even your clients can receive crypto. Ask them about it and avoid all this trouble altogether. Do not forget that the same applies to crypto as to fiat wire transfers. BTC transfers could cost you 20 USD, while ETH can be sent over different blockchains, some charging more, some less.

how to send crypto

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What are addresses?

If you want to pay a lower fee, your transaction will probably take longer — but the higher the fee you pay, the faster your transaction is likely to execute. Crypto fees, including those for sending Bitcoin, operate on a supply and demand model. Basically, a blockchain only has so many resources — such as validators and miners — that can process data and record it to the network. So, when many entities are competing for those resources, it can cause fees to increase.

  • It’s pretty easy when you open an Active Invest account with SoFi Invest®.
  • The exact details may differ depending on the wallet used to send the transaction, but the sender doesn’t need to be concerned with what type of wallet the receiver is using.
  • You’ll be able to see your account address, QR code and other info like limits and rates.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the transaction via 2FA.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions can’t be altered or reversed.
  • Once you’ve set up a crypto wallet, you’ll need an address.

On average, Bitcoin transactions take around 10 minutes. However, this could be affected by other factors such as the total network activity, hashrate and transaction fees. If the network is congested, there will be a backlog of transactions in the mempool. This would result users paying more in transaction fees to get transactions to go through faster. This occured in April 2021, where average Bitcoin transaction fees reached $59. You will also need to know or have access to the recipient’s wallet address, which you enter as a destination address for the transfer.

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This will be because either the blockchain or the exchange or both will charge transaction fees. To receive, you can simply share your wallet address, or allow the sender to scan your QR code. To send, click “Pay”, select “Send” and how to send and receive crypto enter the amount you would like to send. Then, input the crypto address, phone number or email address of the recipient. Select “Continue”, choose “Preview” and finally, select between “Send on Coinbase” and “Send on the Blockchain”.

how to send crypto

BitPay converts the fiat into the desired cryptocurrency and delivers the crypto to the recipient. The recipient will receive the payment to their wallet address once the transaction is confirmed. If a user’s wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies, it’s also important to select the correct coin. Sending Bitcoin to a bitcoin cash address, for example, could result in a permanent loss of funds. Just like in traditional bank transfers, Mercuryo needs the address you want to send to. You can request an address from the person you want to send crypto to or enter your crypto address from another wallet or exchange.

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5 You can also scan a QR code with the recipient address or invoice either from your webcam or from your desktop by clicking the QR code button and selecting where to scan from. 5 Optionally, you can enter a personal note to make it easier to remember this transaction in the future. Click on the cog symbol in the top left for this option. When manually inputting an address, be sure to double-check that the address you entered is identical to the address you want to send to.

Alternative ways to transfer cryptocurrency

The QR code can be sent as a picture or scanned directly by a smartphone. If your company has clients that pay online, you would want to be able to receive cash using the… Therefore, you must comply with one of these processes to get your money ‘out of crypto’. The value of shares and ETFs bought through a share dealing account can fall as well as rise, which could mean getting back less than you originally put in.

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