Without Kevordo

Without Kevordo

MakerDao co -founder offered to untie DAI from the dollar

Free-floating DAI is the only way to decentralization and compliance with regulatory rules, according to the co-founder of the Defi-platform of the MakerDao rune Christensen.

MakerDao will provide a loan for $ 100 million from the USA

The MakerDao Defi Platform community approved the creation of a storage limit of $ 100 million in DAI for the American Huntingdon Valley Bank founded in 1891.

MakerDao will distribute the backup 500 million DAI in bonds

The MakerDao Defi Platform community began voting regarding the investment of 500 million DAIs in the "minimal risk bonds" in the treasury.

MakerDao suspended the operation of the AAVE landing platform

The MakerDao Defi Platform community voted for disabling AAVE from a direct deposit module. The decision was prompted by the attraction of the Celsius Network loan for 100 million DAI on security steth using a cryptoland project.

The expert described the potential scenario of the DAI course destabilization

FORKLOG Permanent author Dmitry Bondar analyzed the current position of the DAI stablecoin from MakerDao.

The market proposal of Steabelcoin DAI exceeded 10 billion

The market proposal of decentralized stablecoin DAI overcame the mark of 10 billion coins. This is evidenced by Daistats data.

Algorithmic stablecoins: how the USDT and USDC alternatives develop

FORKLOG figured out the features of the technologies of various stablecoins, comparing their strengths and weaknesses.

Societe Generale suggested MakerDao to conduct the first “Refinancing Security Tokens”

The financial conglomerate of the Societe Generale proposed the MakerDao Defi project to use the Forge bonds released by the Forge as a security for a loan of $ 20 million in the DAI stable.

The cost of funds blocked in Makerdao exceeded $ 3 billion

Against the backdrop of the rapid growth of Ethereum, the total cost of blocked funds (TVL) on the smart contracts of the Defi project MakerDao reached $ 3.15 billion.

Capitalization of stablecoins exceeded $ 25 billion

The total market value of the five most popular stablecoins exceeded $ 25 billion. This is 4.3% of the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market, according to Coingecko.

Increasing the price of the DAI Defi-Token entailed the liquidation of $ 100 million in Compound

A short-term increase in DAI Defi Token on the Coinbase Exchange has led to the elimination of users of users of the COMPound cryptocurred platform by millions of dollars.

Capitalization of the DAI stabilcoin exceeded $ 1 billion

The market proposal of the decentralized finance (Defi) of the DAI stabilcoin in the sector for the first time exceeded 1 billion coins.

DAI steablecoin will become a bridge between Ethereum Classic and Ethereum blockchains

Ethereum Classic Labs and Chainsafe Systems developers announced the launch of a new bridge between Ethereum Classic and Ethereum blockchains. Using stablecoin DAI, users will be able to exchange assets.

GaratEx launched the DAI Defi-Taken Trading Pares with a ruble

GaratEx cryptocurrency exchange opened auction by a decentralized DAI stabelcoin paired with a Russian ruble.

ChainLink, Loopring and Compound tokens are added as collateral options to the MakerDao system

The MakerDao community voted for adding Link, LRC and COMP tokens as new options to ensure the release of stablecoin DAI.

Opinion: DAI is at risk due to ensuring centralized stablecoins

40% stabiblcoin is provided with centralized assets – USDC, WBTC, TUSD and PAX, Analysts of The Block shared observations.

The capitalization of the DAI stablecoin for the first time exceeded $ 400 million

The market proposal of the decentralized finance (Defi) of the DAI stabilcoin exceeded 400 million coins. Over the past day, the issuer has released 17 million tokens.

Coinbase offered the owners of DAI to earn on deposits

The largest cryptocurrency company Coinbase has announced that 2% per annum will be accrued for users deposits in the DAI stabelcoin DAI.

The basis of Defi and fuel for Ponzi circuits: how stablecoins affect the cryptocurrency market

The total volume of value transferred through stablecoin has already exceeded the corresponding bitcoin indicator. Many analysts agree that stable coins continue to strengthen in the role of the leading remedy in the cryptocurrency market.

The volume of DAI in Compound exceeded the market proposal of stablecoin

The volume of DAI tokens blocked in the COMPOUND in the Defi Protocol exceeded the total emission of stablecoin by more than three times. This was announced by the operating director of Deversifi Daniel Yanev.

Ross Ulbricht proposed improving the MakerDao risk-management model

The founder of the famous Darknet MARKETPLECE SILK ROSS Ulbricht, serving a lifelong opinion in the Arizonian prison, published an article with proposals to improve the protocol of decentralized finance of Maker.

MakerDao has stopped supporting the Sai monosalological stableco

The MakerDao largest Defi platform community stopped the work of the monosalovo SAI (Single-Collatell DAI). Thus, the service accelerated the transition to the multi-zaloic stabelcoine DAI (Multi-Collatell DAI, MCD or DAI). About this writes The Block.

Makerdao conducted "Rosting Parsing" after the "Black Thursday"

The MakerDao project, Maker Foundation, presented a report in which the events were evaluated on March 12, when the attackers managed to withdraw $ 8 million from the system, as well as the recommendations of how to avoid this in the future.

The volume of transactions with stablecoins for the incomplete first quarter exceeded $ 90 billion

The analyst The Block Ryan Todd found out that for the incomplete first quarter the total volume of onchain transactions with stablecoins exceeded the record $ 90 billion.

New DAI: The priority race of collisions began

DAI is the largest decentralized stablecoin. MakerDao accounts for more than 60% of the assets used in Defi. The most important event in the history of this stabblecoin was the transition from the monosalovo DAI (Single-Collatell DAI, SAI) to the multi-zalovo DAI (Multi-Collateral DAI, MCD or DAI), which occurred in late 2019, two years after the launch of MakerDao.

Coinbase integrated DAI stabilcoin into the commercial payments Commerce

Coinbase Commerce, which allows merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrency, added support for a stable DAI coin from MakerDao.

Research: Almost half of the MakerDao borrowed funds are centralized in the wallets of two whales

42% of the MakerDao blockchain platform secured by the collateral (CDP) are presumed on two wallets. Researchers Digital Assets Data came to such conclusions, writes Cointelegraph.

MakerDao attracted $ 27.5 million from Dragonfly and Paradigm for an expansion to China

Dragonfly Capital Partners and Paradigm venture companies invested $ 27.5 million in the ecosystem of the decentralized MakerDao Finance Platform. Firms acquired for this amount 5.5% of the total issue of MKR tokens from the non -profit organization Maker Foundation.

OKEX will open the possibility of DAI stake under 5% per annum

OKEX cryptocurrency exchange will be the first large platform that integrates the DAI Savings Rate (DSR), allowing the owners of stablecoin DAI to receive consuming income of 5%.

Cryptoncruting boom and Defi-another bubble or new pulse for bitcoin industry?

The innovative cryptocredit market suddenly arose against the backdrop of last year’s collapse of bitcoin prices and most other assets. In an effort to avoid fixing losses, some holders in the midst of cryptosims occupied funds secured by digital assets, or deposited coins to receive a small, but passive income with minimal risk.

Maker introduced a new version of Steabelcoin DAI

On November 18, the Maker project presented the multisalized version of Stablecoin DAI (MCD). The old version of the coin was renamed in SAI and for several months they will completely decide off.

MakerDao will consider an increase in the DAI release limit to $ 120 million


The MakerDao decentralized financing platform has approached the established limit of the debt in DAI stabilcoins in $ 100 million and can no longer generate new coins.

How bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can attract investors tired of low interest rates

After the crisis of 2007-2008, the global trend was the introduction of central banks of negative key rates.

MakerDao will launch a multisal version of the DAI stableco

The multi -zagor borrowing system of stablecoin DAI will be launched on November 18. The date was called the Director General of MakerDao Foundation Rune Kristensen at the DevCon conference.

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